Shaping a Community’s Quality of Life

Involved with music and the arts from an early age, Andrew Jiang considered pursuing a degree in musical performance. Along the way he discovered the field of architecture and felt it was the “perfect embodiment” of his life experiences and creative way of thinking. He is most excited when he thinks that the role of the architect is to create built environments that will shape generations to come as well as the quality of life of communities using input from a variety of disciplines.

“I want to be able to influence and shape a community with the built environment that I create, not in a political or economical way, but rather, in a subconscious way that improves the community’s quality of life that doesn’t disrupt natural lives,” Jiang explains. “Through the use of meticulous, research-based design, it is possible to integrate biology, art, and neuroscience into the design of the built environment to be so much more than what meets the eye.”

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